Grand Opening Private Party and Public Grand Opening Coming February 2020!


Keeping you up to date!

December 1st, 2019

Greetings and Merriment to all of you!

More updates for all our fans.

The Bar Managers have been selected after a grueling and multi day mind racking decision process. This was not easy at all as we had some amazing candidates apply for the position. I wish we could hire them all, but there is only room for two at this time. For now please welcome Chris Adamson and Matthew Mayes as your Silver Key Managers. 

We were going to begin the regular staff hiring this month, but have decided to hold a job fair starting Wednesday, January 29th to Friday January 31st, 2020. All candidates that get hired will be either on the spot or notified by Monday, February 3rd. Beginning Monday, February 17th, training begins. This will be an intensive two week training period as it will school everyone in the drink selections we carry, the use of the POS system and of course, integrating over 600 games into their heads. 

The positions that will be hiring are:

Server -                            8 positions available

Bartender -                    4 positions available

Game Master -              4 positions available


Job Descriptions will be posted later this month on our Facebook page as well as on here. All candidates must bring the following to the Job Fair:


Verifiable References - 2 work and 2 personal references

Active State ID and/or Passport

Social Security Card

If you have a active Title 4 Basic Alcohol License, please bring that too. Those who don't have this will have to take the course online or in a classroom after you are hired. 

We are getting closer to the opening date. What day is that you ask? Well we cannot give that date out just yet as it still depends on the State of Arizona and having them issue our liquor license. At the earliest, it would be Valentine's Day weekend. We are hoping for the weekend prior to that. We will know more after January 13th. 

All of us at The Silver Key Lounge wish you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah and Kwanzaa and a very Happy New Year. See you all soon in 2020!



November 5th, 2019

Hello Silver Key friends and supporters!

Here are some updates on where things are for The Silver Key Lounge. 

First is a better rough date for our opening. After spending time talking to a representative at the DLLC office, we now know that our liquor license will be approved and issued sometime in January. So, we will focus on mid-month for the opening as it may be plus or minus a week from the mid-month point. We will know better as we get closer to the time. For now lets plan on January 17th and if we are notified earlier on the issue date we will adjust up or down appropriately. 

After mush thought and discussion, we will use the extra area for extra tables and chairs. Possibly putting another large 4x6 table in that area to handle larger groups. 

In about one more week our front retail room will be finished and ready to clean and stock up. I may take the opportunity to do a small game night for 3-5 players to come over and play and get a tour of the Silver Key to see how thing are going and to get a feel of how things are going to look once finished. We want all of you to feel confident and excited as we feel as things progress. Also its just fun to sit and play a game in the front room where passerby’s can see us having a good time. 

Starting in early December we will begin the hiring process. We will be looking for bartenders, servers and game masters. We will post the job descriptions on our Facebook page as well as on Indeed. We will be posting up this month for one position. The Lounge Manager. This position will require previous experience, preferably a current management liquor license from DLLC and of course a normal background check and drug test. We will need this position soon if you are not currently licensed as the process takes 6-8 weeks to process. We will post the application on Facebook this week.

That’s it for now. We will keep the updates coming as things progress. Even add pictures soon. See you soon at The Silver Key Lounge!


October 1st, 2019

Greetings to all our Supporters/Fans,

As we get closer to the opening there are many things we have to get done prior to being allowed to open. One thing that is crucial is the liquor license processing through the state. We were informed yesterday that there is a back log in license processing and that it will add 30-45 days on the total wait time. After exhausting all possible way to avoid this delay, even talking to our lawyer, it was made clear there is no way to go around this back up in the state approval process. 

What does this mean for all of us?

Unfortunately, our Grand Opening date of October 30th for the Kickstarter party and October 31st for the public Grand Opening are now having to be pushed back possibly 30-45 days. I wish we could give you all a solid new opening date, but we will not know when our license will clear until just days before its released to us. 

I hate having to push our opening date back again, but this time it is truly out of our hands and in the hands of government process. Don’t worry though. We will open! The bar is still being remodeled as we speak and the Warhammer Table that we will giveaway is already in our hands. This delay will give us a little time to iron out any issues we may have encountered during the first couple days. I want to be mad at the government process, but I will not waste the energy because we will open this year and give you all an experience you will never forget.

Make sure to keep up to date with us on Facebook. We have also updated our website with the new Kickstarter Supporter Page. 

And for those wanting to purchase extra invitations for the private party, you will be able to purchase them at the door the night of the party. As long as you have your main invitation as proof, you may add up to 2 extra invitations per pledge level starting at the $50 pledge level. Basically, it can be you plus two. 

Thank you for understanding and more importantly thank you for sticking with us and giving us your support. We hope the backed up license process wont delay us for too long.


The Silver Key Lounge Ownership